We know that the Holy Spirit will still work and move in miraculous ways, and we can’t wait to hear about it! On January 28-29, we will be hosting UNITE 2022 at our Battlefield campus! Tell all your friends & don’t forget to post it using #Unite2022


Registration for UNITE 2022 is required for students, leaders, and Host Homes. UNITE 2022 will be $55.
Please register below!

Student Participant Registration

Leader and Host Home Registration

With any questions, please email Traci Jefferson.

Frequently Asked Questions

UNITE 2022 will look a little different from last year, and we know you will have many questions! Look below at our Frequently Asked Questions for all the answers.

Any additional questions can be directed to Traci Jefferson or call 615-895-7167.

What is UNITE?

UNITE is a local “retreat”, hosted by New Vision, for students in grades 6-12. It’s an event where churches and student ministries from all over the Rutherford County area will come together to worship, attend breakouts, participate in mission activities, spend the night in host homes, and most importantly, unite under the name of Christ.

What is the theme for UNITE?

We are emerging from the long, dark winter that was COVID-19, like someone stepping from a dimly lit room into a bright sun-shiny day. Standing in the rubble of what the pandemic left behind is a bit strange, a bit like the first day of school for the kid that just moved from out of town. For many, it can be a place of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, burnout and the list can just go on and on. But for the redeemed it’s a place where love makes a God-blessed future POSSIBLE. At UNITE '22, we are discovering all the possibilities of what could be for the glory of God… that is, for those are willing to rediscover a truth from the past:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.

Who is going to be leading this event?

Our speaker will be Jeff Wallace from Student Leadership University. Jeff currently serves on the Student Leadership University Team as the Executive Director of the LIFT Tour and Youth Pastor Summit. Jeff is nationally known as an urban ministry pioneer, communicator, innovator, and mentor.

Our worship will be led by Liberty Worship Collective based out of Lynchburg, VA. Whether they are creating events or composing melodies, their goal is to help students of all ages, races, and backgrounds take a step toward Jesus.

What are my main responsibilities as a leader?

As a leader, your main responsibilities will be to lead small group discussions based on the sessions, helping with transportation to the church and mission sites, keeping up with your students, forming relationships with your group, being a part of each of the sessions, participating in mission projects, and overall being an example to your students.

What are my main responsibilities as Host Home?

As a Host Home, you will be responsible for providing students/leaders with a place to sleep on Friday night (January 28th) as well as breakfast for students/leaders on Saturday morning and dinner on Saturday night. Students will stay at your home on Friday night and Saturday during the break.

What does transportation look like for the weekend?

Transportation will be the responsibility of the leaders throughout the weekend.

Do I have to participate in all of the weekend events as a Host Home?

It is not required for Host Homes to be a part of all the events of the weekend.

Where will the mission sites be during the weekend?

All New Vision students will be participating in mission projects at local schools and businesses around Murfreesboro.

What does the small group time look like?

Small groups will be discussion based and go along with the sessions the students have participated in. During this time we want to make sure to encourage the students to participate by answering engaging questions. The more discussion that goes on, the better the group time will be.