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Infants - Kindergarten

Our mission is to sow seeds of faith as we partner with parents to build a strong biblical foundation in preschooler’s lives. Each week, our preschoolers engage in fun, hands-on learning activities that reinforce the lesson in the Bible story.

Get Connected

Wednesdays | Lil’ K | 9:00 AM & 6:00 PM | Preschool Building
Thursdays | 6:00 PM | Preschool Building
Sundays | 8:20, 9:40, & 11:00 AM | Preschool Building


New families, we suggest parking in the back parking lot and using Welcome 3. You will be welcomed at one of our manned kiosks where we will gather some information and find the right class for your child. You will receive a name tag for your child to wear and a security tag to keep for pick up.

Returning families can go to any kiosk and enter your phone number to receive your tags.


Preschool doors will open 15 minutes prior to service or once the previous service has ended and will lock 20 minutes after service begins. Security will be available to let you in should you need to reach your child at any time. Your children’s safety is of utmost importance, so only our leaders and parents of preschoolers are permitted in the preschool area.

Baby Dedication

2024 Baby Dedication Schedule

February 11 & 18 | Baby Dedication Parent Orientation by Zoom 11:30 am
March 7
| Baby Dedication | 5:30 pm

April 7 & 14 | Baby Dedication Parent Orientation by Zoom 11:30 am
April 25 | Baby Dedication | 5:30 pm

June 23 & 30 | Baby Dedication Parent Orientation by Zoom 11:30 am
July 11 | Baby Dedication | 5:30 pm

August 25 & September 1 | Baby Dedication Parent Orientation by Zoom 11:30 am
September 19 | Baby Dedication | 5:30 pm

November 10 & 17 | Baby Dedication Parent Orientation by Zoom 11:30 am
December 5 | Baby Dedication | 5:30 pm

NOTE:  All Parent Orientations will take place via Zoom, and all Baby Dedications will take place during the Thursday night service.

For more information or to sign up and receive a Zoom link, contact Paige Robinson.

If you are expecting, please email . We want to pray for and encourage you during your pregnancy and celebrate with you when your baby arrives!

Baby Dedication Assignment

Our Baby Dedication Celebration event helps families to think intentionally about their child’s spiritual development. There are several assignments to complete prior to participating in a Baby Dedication Celebration.

  • Listen to the short audio files.
  • Print and complete the assignments below. These are designed to help preschool parents become intentional about how they will raise their child, pointing them toward becoming a follower of Jesus Christ
  • Sign up for a baby dedication celebration event and RSVP to attend a Parent Orientation


Start here with a short introduction from Paige Robinson and then complete the three Parent Talk assignments.

Imagine The End

Listen to a brief message from Pastor Brady.

Print the “Imagine The End” PDF and write a description of the kind of person you hope your child will become over the next 18 years; including the qualities and characteristics you want to instill in them. Refer back to this card each year to evaluate how you’re doing leading your child spiritually.

Make It Personal

Listen to a brief lesson from Josh Reyenga.

Print the “Make It Personal” PDF and write down 2 things that you are going to do to invest in yourself and the supportive/significant relationships in your life. It will make a huge impact on your relationships over the long haul. Examples...

  • Get a babysitter once or twice a month & go out.
  • Put your baby to bed early and set aside personal or couple time at the end of every day.
  • Go for a walk after dinner and enjoy God’s creation.

Next, write down two ways you will invest in your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Maybe join a small group, get up 15 minutes early for some quiet time with the Lord, or memorize Scripture.

Listen to the message from Paige.

Email Paige to RSVP for a Parent Orientation. Attending a parent orientation is required to participate in a Baby Dedication Celebration.