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New Vision invites you to journey with us toward a life of Gospel transformation - Across the Street and Around the World.

Across the Street:  We’re on mission every day, serving those in our community living on the edge – the homeless, the children, the fatherless, the single mom or dad, those in crisis and those in desperate need of hope.

Around the World: We’re planting churches, encouraging pastors, sharing hope, and training leaders around the globe.

Local Mission Opportunities

We learned a lot through the pandemic about missions in Murfreesboro! 
• The needs are as real and as pressing as any overseas.
• There’s a lifetime of mission work to do right here in Rutherford County.
• Serving Across the Street with our local ministry partners grows our faith in the same ways that serving anywhere in the world does.
• Engaging locally prepares us to engage nationally and internationally.

If language barriers and long-distance travel have held you back from direct missions involvement, consider joining us on mission with one of our outstanding local missions ministry partners.

As you’re considering your next move toward local missions, listen to Roger and Michelle Miller’s account of how direct involvement in local missions impacted their small group.


Please visit our partner’s website. If you have questions about the ministry or serving opportunities they have and could not find the best contact person on their site, please feel free to contact Ellyn Lawhon in the New Vision Missions Office at 615.895.7167 or .

Amelia’s Closet

Helping eliminate employment barriers for at-risk and marginalized populations by offering business clothing, and interview tips. Coming soon – job training.

Needs List Form

Contact: (615) 584-9029 |

Doors of Hope

Empowering women to break the cycle of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration.
Call (615) 900-0634 if you would like to sign up or for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Endure Athletics

Endure Athletics is making a difference in the lives of homeless youth in Rutherford County through Christ-centered athletic programming, after-school support, and one-on-one mentoring.

Contact: 615-863-1949 |

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Reaching and developing student-athletes and their coaches for Christ.

Join us in praying for our coaches as they influence the lives of our student athletes. List of coaching staff

Contact: (615) 217-7700 |

Good Shepherd Children’s Home

Provides a safe, Christian home environment for kids in crisis.

Contact: (615) 900-4698 |

Greenhouse Ministries

Offers practical, life-giving assistance with hope in Christ to the underserved and working poor in Murfreesboro.

Contact: (615) 494-0499 |

The Journey Home

A Christ-centered community outreach serving the chronically homeless and disadvantaged of Rutherford County.

Contact: 615-809-2644 |

Last Call 4 Grace

Feeds the homeless where they ‘live’, sharing the love and truth of Christ to those in desperate and broken circumstances in Murfreesboro.

Contact: (615) 900-1786 |

The Portico

Ministry to women facing an unplanned/crisis pregnancy.

Contact: (615) 893-0228 |

Stepping Stones Safe Haven

Offers safe shelter, assistance, and life skills development to homeless single women and moms with children in a Christian environment.

Contact: (615) 900-4427 |

Other Creative Options

Local missions ministries come in a thousand shapes and options, call the missions office for more ideas, or bring your own and let’s talk!

Upcoming Mission Projects

Salt Lake City, Utah | 8/2/22 - 8/7/22 | College Students/Young Adults Only
Boston, Massachusetts | 9/1/22 - 9/5/22
La Represa, Dominican Republic | 10/1/22 - 10/7/22 | Fall Break Project
La Represa, Dominican Republic | 12/1/22 - 12/6/22 | Christmas Project

To express your interest in potentially serving with one of these teams, CLICK HERE.


New Vision Missions serves Across the Street and Around the World. No matter your age, interests or skillset there’s a place for you on mission with New Vision. Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help you find your place on the mission field with New Vision Missions.

1. Where does New Vision Missions serve?

At New Vision Missions we talk a lot about missions “Across the Street and Around the World.” We believe God has called us to live on mission, not simply go on mission trips. We have mission partners within two miles of the church, on the India/Nepal border and a multitude of places in between. To us, the place is less important than the purpose and God’s call to lead people to lives of Gospel transformation.

The missions page on the church website explains more about the ministry locations we’re investing in right now. Very briefly, we have at least ten local ministries we support and encourage New Vision participants to support, three national ministry locations (Salt Lake City, Utah, Eutaw, Alabama and Boston, Massachusetts) and overseas work in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Grand Bahama Island, India and Israel with more to come.

2. Can non-church members participate in a mission project?

Absolutely, and many do. Different projects have different guidelines for participation. Many of our local projects are a great place to take a first step toward exploring Christianity. At the same time, some of our projects are best suited for thoroughly trained and highly experienced Bible teachers. Our application process will help sort all that out.

3. What if I’ve never been on a mission trip before?

You’re who we’re looking for! Years ago partnership missions was more like a club for the missions “in-crowd.” While we welcome veteran participants…we CELEBRATE those first timers who bring their skills and training and fresh heart to the field.

4. How much does a project cost?

Trip costs can be as high as $3,000 or more for a project in India or Israel, and absolutely free for a project in town. A project in Mexico or the Dominican Republic is less than $1,400, some domestic trips are well under $1,000. ‘Depends on where we go…remember, serving two miles down the road means as much or more than going to northern India for that person we serve two miles down the road (that one’s free).

5. Are scholarships available?

We do have very limited funds for college students serving with New Vision or New Vision mission partners. If you are a college student or high school senior, please contact the missions office for more information regarding partial scholarships.

We also have suggested guidelines for raising funds for a mission project and will help you keep track and up to date on your progress. We’ve seen multiple project participants actually raise more than they needed and were able to help others on the team meet their project goals.

New Vision serves as a conduit for project finances. We simply channel the necessary funds to the appropriate mission organizations and budget lines. As such, it is vitally important team members understand we must collect the full amount of every project for every participant prior to departure.

6. What about vaccines?

If vaccines or boosters are required your project leader will let participants know well in advance of the trip. Construction projects require current tetanus boosters. COVID-19 vaccine requirements are dependent on the country served and current CDC and US State Department guidelines. These will be identified for each project. However, all quarantine costs for unvaccinated participants testing positive prior to returning to the United States will be the responsibility of the participant.

7. Do I need a passport?

Yes, if you’re traveling overseas you do. It can take between three and four months to receive your passport. Your passport must be more than six months from its expiration date when you travel. Please check the expiration date on your passport before you apply for the trip. Passport applications and renewals are not included in the advertised cost of the project. Please read the application instructions carefully to keep delays to a minimum.

8. How do I sign up?

Complete the project registration from associated with the project you want to participate in. Someone from the missions office will contact you soon with your next step. Please be prepared to pay your project deposit at the time of selection, and commitment to stay on or ahead of the payment schedule as the project moves forward.

9. Additional questions?

Please help us build our FAQ’s base with your great question.



Is the Lord speaking to you about a lifetime of missions service? Have you given it a thought? Is a call to missions waking you up at night, making it hard to sleep? Here are four mission sending organizations New Vision Missions endorses. Each is unique with their own requirements and guidelines and a place of ministry that fits the way the Lord has prepared you to serve. If it seems your future in missions may be more than a week on the field, take some time to visit these sites, and feel free to call the missions office if you have additional questions. We’re already praying for you.


If you have any questions, please contact Bob Landham.


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