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It's okay not to be okay. God meets us where we are.

Life is filled with conflict and hardship, but we believe God’s Word is authoritative and sufficient for all aspects of life. The New Vision Care Ministry is a great way to begin to assess, work through, and resolve the issues we face that keep us from the abundant life God has planned for us.

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling has the ability to help unleash the power of God’s Word in your life. Our counselors are compassionate, trained caregivers for those who need guidance through the challenges of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee for Biblical Counseling?

While there is no set fee for our counseling services, we do have a suggested donation of $35 per session. Please know your care is of primary importance to us and we will never refuse or stop counseling on the basis of your ability to make a donation. We simply ask you to consider this donation prayerfully as a means of investing in your care and the New Vision Counseling Ministry. Donations to the New Vision Counseling Ministry can be made easily at here.

2. How many sessions will I have with a counselor?

We focus on short term counseling care. Counselors typically provide between 3-8 sessions, each lasting one hour in length. Additional sessions may be approved by the Care Ministry Counseling Pastor if needed. Our goal is not to create a dependence on the counselor, but to help you personally understand and apply God’s Word to every area of your life.

3. What hours are counselors available?

Counselors are available during daytime and evening hours throughout the week. Once we receive a completed request our intake coordinator will assign you a counselor and the counselor will reach out to you to set the day and time for your first session.


Most counseling sessions will be conducted in a confidential, secure counseling room at New Vision, unless authorized otherwise by the Care Ministry Counseling Pastor.

5. Is the Biblical Counseling confidential?

Yes, but there are limits to confidentiality. Laws dictate that in certain situations, information about individuals undergoing counseling may be released with or without their permission. These situations are as follows:

  1. Suspicion of child/elder abuse - We reserve the right and/or may be mandated by law to report child abuse or suspicion of child/elder abuse of any type to the proper authorities.
  2. Threats to harm self or others - We reserve the right and/or may be mandated by law to disclose to the appropriate person, agency, or civil authorities any threats of harm that a person may attempt or desire to do to one’s self or to others.

Full disclosure of these are included on the request form in the confidentiality agreement, and will be shared at the beginning of your first session. At times, the counselor may consult with the New Vision Care Ministry Counseling Pastor in a confidential manner.

6. Is there a waiting list?

Our goal is to connect you with an available counselor within a few days. The more availability you have, the easier it will be to match you up with a counselor. While we welcome anyone seeking counseling, priority is given to New Vision Church members.

7. Who will meet with me?

Based on your request, we will do our best to match you with a counselor who most meets your needs. Women counsel women, men counsel men, and as much as possible, couples counsel other couples. These are boundary issues that we strictly adhere to.

8. Do the counselors have professional credentials?

Our counselors are highly trained in both the Bible and counseling. Many have advanced degrees and certifications, although this is not a requirement. Above all, they bring a biblical perspective, guidance, and extensive life experiences to your situations. They are not state licensed counselors.

9. Do you offer phone or video counseling?

Normally our counselors prefer to meet with individuals face to face. However, under certain conditions counselors may agree to conduct a confidential phone or video counseling session.

10. Do you have counseling for children?

While we do offer counseling for children over the age of 5 years old, we expect the parents or legal guardian to partner with us in this care. Seeing your child will likely require parents to also attend counseling sessions with an additional family counselor.

11. What if I need to cancel my session?

Many times, our counselors travel to the church just to meet with you. To honor your counselor’s time commitments, cancelations should be on an emergency-only basis. Notify your counselor directly as early as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.

12. What will be expected of me?

Biblical counseling is not a passive activity and we want you to get the most out of your counseling experience. Engaging work outside of the weekly appointments with your counselor will be necessary to make progress in counseling. Your counselor will likely provide homework for you to complete prior to your sessions.

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