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NV Institute

NV Institute

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Are you looking to study the Bible intentionally and go deeper in your faith? NV Institute is an online program we've put together to do just that, beginning January 31! We are currently offering courses led by Dakota Logan, Joseph Brasher & Ben Curtis.

NV Institute Course Descriptions

Introduction to Theology: a four-week course walking through various doctrines in Scripture and how they are applied in the Christian life.

How to Study the Bible: a four-week course that explores the narrative of Scripture and how it all fits together from beginning to end.

How to Share Your Faith: a four-week course that walks through the reason and methods of how to share your faith in your daily routines.

Church History: a four-week course that explores the major parts of history in the church after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Learn with others about some of the victories and battles the church faced to get us where we are today!

For more information, you can text "LEARN" to 615-395-6262 or click the link below to sign up!

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