Why We Give

Giving is an act of worship and obedience from a heart surrendered to Christ ... a choice we make to follow God's instruction for us. Pastor Brady reminds us often that the church doesn't need anything from you. We want something for you. God certainly doesn't need anything from us, it's all His anyway. And although God always honors and blesses obedience, we don't give to get. We give out of our need to act on our faith. God uses those resources for His glory and to further His Kingdom.


What's the difference between "tithes" and "offerings"?


God calls each of us to give 10% of our "first fruits" to the "storehouse"...to the church we've been called to serve. Our tithes help to create the quality environment, ministries, and discipleship tools we all enjoy. New Vision also believes that our church, as one body of believers, is called to tithe. 10% of the general receipts received at New Vision are given to local and global outreach ministries.


Occasionally, God calls us to make sacrificial offerings above our tithe. These offerings are usually designated to a specific capital steward campaign, ministry or outreach, or perhaps to help meet the needs of a specific person. In addition to those needs being met, your obedient generosity many times also increases the faith of the recipient!

Most of us don’t carry cash or a checkbook any more, but our Push Pay platform makes online giving easy and flexible. In fact, it's as as easy as buying a song on iTunes!

With Push Pay, You Can...

Give easily, quickly and securely online or from any mobile device.
Download the Push Pay app to your phone.
Store multiple cards and bank accounts.
Set up recurring donations.
Login to PushPay and see your giving history.

If you haven't tried it before, just click the GIVE ONLINE button below. It's very easy, but if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email Wes Bynum or call him at 615-895-7167.



Choose the method that works best for you. Thank for your generosity and sacrificial giving.


We have a secure online system that allows you to set up recurring gifts or make one-time donations. Just click the GIVE button below!



Perhaps the most familiar way to give a tithe or offering is during a worship service. Using an envelope is not necessary, but if you prefer it, feel free to take one of the secure giving envelopes found on the worship center chair backs. You can also have free, personalized giving envelopes mailed directly to your home. If you don't already have a subscription, just call the office at 615-895-7167 and we'll get that set up. If you have a subscription and you don't use them, let us know that too!


The giving kiosk is located next to the Welcome Desk in the atrium outside the main worship center. It is available for use anytime the church is open.


If you can’t make it to one of our services, and/or don’t have an internet connection, you may send your offering in in the mail. Checks for any New Vision campus should be made payable to New Vision Baptist Church and mailed to the following address. On the memo line, please designate where to apply the gift (tithe, Advance, etc.) and which campus you attend.

New Vision Baptist Church
1750 N. Thompson Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Please remember, the USPS prohibits the mailing of cash or coins… use this method for checks only.