Identifying with a local church is an expression of who Christ made us to be. The day we became Christians, we became part of the body of Christ and a member of God's family. When believers are not members of a local church, the body is incomplete and those believers are like estranged family members.

God designed the church to be a place for believers to find community and encouragement as we serve each other, grow together in Christ, and guide others to faith in Christ. It will be difficult to thrive in our relationships with Christ if we have a casual relationship with His church.

Interested in Joining New Vision?


Anyone that desires to become a part of New Vision’s body of believers needs to follow these simple steps: First, go to our Next Step room (front right of the worship center) or Hub after any of our worship services and meet with one our Next Step Guides.

During that discussion, you will be asked to share of your profession of faith and believer’s baptism experience. Understand that based upon your previous baptism experience, you may be asked to be baptized by immersion (check out the Baptism page for a further explanation). Next, you will need to attend our New Members Class that is offered. At the New Members Class, we enjoy a meal together and we review our mission, values, and measures; beliefs and what binds us together as believers; and, finally, our practices and purposes for existing! At this time, you will be asked to sign a membership commitment and to sign up for a group or serving opportunity if you have not done so. (Before anyone can attend our New Members Class, they need to have met with our Next Step team.)

Stop by the Next Steps Room after service and talk with a staff member, or email