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Prayer for Our Nation



One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is prayer. Let us use and leverage this tool to cover our nation and ultimately the world with prayer. There is so much going on in the world right now; sickness, division, unrest and uncertainty of future to name a few. Let us put all of those things in the hands of the King Who is far better able to deal with them. So join with me in laying our nation at the feet of Jesus and fixing our eyes on Him so we are better able to navigate this season.


30 Days of Prayer Guide

Continue on the journey of praying for healing by downloading our 30 day prayer guide.


Prayer Walk
September 26 | Bridgestone Arena 

First destination | 11:00 AM | We will start here and pray for protection for every participant, for the Holy Spirit to lead the lost and the unsaved and to bless all those who we may come into contact with. We will be praying for healing, for God to expose the plans of the enemy, and to stop the plans of the enemy - confusion, separation, hatred, fear.

Second Destination | We will be praying for our military, for our military families, and for God's protection for our military who are in harm's way.

Third Destination | We will be praying for our communities, schools, teachers, and children.

Fourth Destination | We will be praying for reconciliation and healing for our African American community.

Fifth Destination | We will be praying for religious freedom, pastors, and churches.

Sixth Destination | The sixth stop will be at the Capitol Building, praying for our congress, government, President, and Vice President.



Prayer for Relationships

Care Ministry Groups

Care Ministry Groups and gatherings provide Gospel centered resources and options that help people learn and apply God’s truths to their specific struggles. For a full list of current groups and registrations, please click the link below!


Biblical Counseling

Life is not always easy. Our Biblical Counselors are compassionate, trained caregivers for those who need a safe person to talk with while getting guidance with the challenges of this life. Help is available for individuals, marriages, families, teens, children (ages 5 & up).


Prayer for Hurts, Habits, and Hang Ups

We all struggle - PERIOD! Just because you struggle does not mean that YOU are a “struggler!” To struggle means that we are human. To identify self as a struggler means that our identity is rooted in the struggle itself. God allows the struggle, yet He offers grace and hope to overcome ongoing temptation and live in freedom. Hurts, habits, and hang-ups are most often rooted in things we have done and things that have been done to us. Seeing the past through God’s lens sets us free from the need to escape, lash out, and live as a victim in the present, while using those experiences as a platform for our future! God truly is in the healing business. His truth SETS US FREE!

Prayer for Healing

You can pray for others on a regular basis by joining our intercessory prayer team. As you join our prayer team, consider how praying for others is similar to our military's special operation forces like our Navy SEALS. Specialized, almost always behind the scenes, and dedicated to a common goal - that God will receive glory in our lives and in the lives of the people for whom we are praying. Click below to join forces with us today!