May 21 Update

Church Family,

We are still working towards a June 4th & 7th in-person worship gathering. This will be different experience, so be on the lookout for how to save your seat. Below you'll learn what you can expect coming back. We're taking every precaution that has carefully been laid out by the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives and when we return you can expect the following modifications: 

• Limited seating arrangements that provide at least 6-foot distancing between families.

• No preschool or age-graded programming or small group gatherings.

• Attenders will be strongly encouraged to wear face coverings, avoid shaking hands, and any physical contact. 

• No handouts of any kind (e.g. bulletins, sermon notes, communication cards).

• Staggered worship dismissal to minimize large gatherings between services.

• No physical collection of tithes and offerings.

• No coffee provided.

• Vulnerable populations (attenders 65+, people with disabilities or other respiratory/cardiovascular conditions), those who are symptomatic, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive are encouraged to stay at home. 

• Anyone attending will be expected to self-screen before leaving home, including taking their temperature. Screening questions may be asked upon arriving at campus



1. We are continuing to accept non-perishable food item donations. This week, all donations will be directed towards Murfreesboro City Schools in memory of Dr. Linda Gilbert, Director of Murfreesboro City Schools, who founded the CHOW program.

2. We have another unique serving opportunity, and that is helping to create masks that folks can wear not only in our worship services, but around town. 

For more details, please click the link below!

Thursday – 6:15 PM
Sunday – 8:20, 9:40, 11:00 AM

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